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IAB - International Advisory Board

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The International Advisory Board of EUGENE consists of the following three members who were appointed by the Management Committee at its first meeting, in November 2009:

Although members have been invited to join the IAB in consideration of their different affiliations and expertise, they serve ad personam and do not in any way represent their respective organisations.


The IAB’s main duty is to provide periodic internal auditing reports to the Project leadership. Hence, the role of IAB members is that of external, independent persons providing expert views and suggestions based on their personal experience in order to drawing the attention of the EUGENE Coordinator to current and foreseeable relevant issues.

The quality of the work of the IAB hinges on good information on EUGENE activities and sufficient contact to the project’s leadership and key actors. IAB members are therefore invited to participate as “observers” in all major meetings and events, without any obligation to attend.

IAB members do not carry any executive or fiscal responsibility. While they may on occasion participate in discussions at EUGENE meetings or events, they never participate in any decision-making process and do not represent the EUGENE network or any of its members in any formal or legal way.

International Advisory Board Documents

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